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Quality electric bikes. Inspired by you.

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Woosh has 14 models of electric bikes to suit every pocket, from crank drives good hill climbers to foldable bikes with hidden battery for cities like London.
We like to give lots of information but can't cover everything.
If you have any questions, please telephone or use the webform on the contact page.

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You save on average 28%*

on the best bikes and get the best direct support.

* because Woosh sell direct, 28% is the average bike shop margin.

8-Fun SWXH motor Sirocco CD tyre Woosh double wall rim
Fat tyres and strong rims equal better ride
to ensure your maximum ride comfort, we have always used very good suspension forks, strong with good damping ability and long travel, and Kenda tyres.
On the Sirocco for example, we use fat 26x1.95 in tyres and 26x2.1in on the Sirocco CD.
These tyres are wider than the norm, offering better grip and feel much better on road surface irregularities than narrower tyres.
We also use double wall rims with 36 stainless steel spokes for strength.
All Woosh bikes have waterproofed battery and controller casing and fixings are made out of stainless steel or alloy.
Woosh bikes use only legal (EN15194) 250W hub and chain drive motors
watch videos motor performance
The performance of the motor is the key feature.
Woosh bikes have the best motors on the market.
Woosh bikes use only intelligent 36 Volts controllers
Intelligent controllers deliver power more smoothly and progressively.
Plus, all our controllers have both PAS and throttle.
Woosh bikes use only 36 Volts batteries
A 36V battery delivers 50% more power than a 24V at the same current, reducing heat in the bike electronics.
Woosh maintains contant stock of spares and replacement batteries:
Woosh will keep spares and replacement batteries in stock for each and every model we sell for at least 3 years from the date you buy your bike.
See the price list of our batteries.
Lastly, Woosh bikes include all accessories
Exception: the Sport does not have mudgards, carrier, lights.
  • Front and rear lights (exception: the Mono does not have rear light, only rear reflector)
  • Bell
  • Chain guard
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Rear rack carrier