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Quality electric bikes. Inspired by you.

Woosh has 14 models of electric bikes to suit every pocket, from crank drives good hill climbers to foldable bikes with hidden battery for cities like London.
Want to know which bikes would be good for where you live? Try our Predictor.

Mail orders: 01702 435566

Southend main office: for all mail order sales, Southend area demonstrations, pre sales info and post sales support.
42-46 Queens Road, Southend SS1 1NL.
Open Mon-Sat 10AM to 5PM (Sat sales only).

We work with:
Salary Exchange
Salary Extra
Cycle Solutions

Your employer probably uses an agency to deal with the Cyle to Work scheme in your company rather than dealing with it directly.
They will have agreed a contract with this agency and will not be able to change this nor use another agency alongside it.
Please find out which agency your company uses.
If it is agency we have not worked with, we may be able to start working with them. Let us know.
We currently work with 3 agencies: Salary Share, Bikes for Staff and Bike Benefits.

Free Cycle to Work scheme

We offer free to our customers a simple and legal sample contract that you can use to benefit from the Cycle to Work legislation.

Free sample contracts

Let's assume that you want to buy a Woosh Sirocco CDL at £799 and you want to own it after 12 months.
The typical salary sacrifice for a 12 month CTW contract is 5% of the cost of the bike, the saving is thus 40% on the price of the bike.

How does the Woosh Bikes Cycle To Work scheme work?

The contract is free and once signed by you and your employer, needs no further attention The sample contract can be used by anyone paying PAYE at basic (20%) or higher (40%) rates of tax.
If you are not currently paying tax or you are on benefits then it does not apply to you.
What can you buy? A Woosh bike of course, plus lock, bag, helmet, mittens, insurance etc from Woosh or from another retailer.

Frequently asked questions about Cycle To Work schemes:

In law, you are buying on behalf of your employer who then rents the equipment to you for 6, 12 or 18 months.
At the end of that period, they will sell you the bike (and equipment) at much reduced price, currently at 18% of their initial value after 12 months.
Your total cost (rental charge and final transfer of ownership) can be as little as 60% for basic taxpayers and 47% for higher rate taxpayers.

You should note that:
  • the bike belongs to the employer during the contract period
  • the employee is totally responsible for its upkeep
  • at the end of the contract, the employer is expected to sell the bike to the employee at the government suggested price
  • the savings are from recovery of VAT paid, plus tax and national insurance on salary sacrifice
  • the employee pays normal national insurance and tax
  • the employer passes on VAT and savings on national insurance to the employee
  • the employee must have an employment contract which is permanent or longer than the length of the C2W contract

Read more: goverment guidance

If you want a sample contract:

you can email us your name and address, and your employer's name and address.
We'll email you the contract which you need to print out and show to your employer.
If they are happy with the terms, you can then order the bike and ask for the invoice to be made to your employer.
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If your employer insists on using another scheme:

Please find out which agency your company uses. If it is Cyclescheme, based in Bath, we regret that we cannot work with them.
We currently work with 3 agencies: Salary Share, Bikes for Staff and Bike Benefits.
If it is another agency, we may be registered with them or we may be able to do so. Let us know.
We'll make enquiry and come back to you.
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Download the sample contract:
This contract is suitable people on PAYE, basic rate taxpayer.
Print it out, fill in name and address, then sign.
Next, ask your supplier (eg Woosh Bikes Ltd) to invoice your employer for £1,000 inc VAT and you for the balance, for example, £49 for the Rio.
Next, your employer takes £73.23 gross from your salary (about £49.80 net) each month for 12 months.
The first 11 months are rentals, the 12th month is buyout. You own the bike after 12 months.