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How to use the charts

Horizontal axis: bike speed, in miles per hour, from 1 to 23mph. The scale is to facilitate the graphs, the bikes are of course limited to 15.5 mph.
Vertical axis: power in Watts, from 0 to 800W.
The four thin plots (blue, magenta, yellow, cyan): are hills, from 0 to 15%, show how much power is needed to go up that hill.
Thick red plot: motor's output power at full throttle, zero at rest, varies with the bike's speed.
The graphs are for illustration and guidance only, real life performance may be 5-10% lower with a little headwind or if you are heavier than 75kgs.
Please consult us before making a purchase.
Different motor types
RH154 Direct Drive motor
RH154 DD motor
Woosh Big Bear BPM geared hub drive motor
BPM geared hub motor
Woosh CD TCM crank drive motor
TCM crank motor

There are three types of motors:
- direct drive (DD) or gearless hub motor like the RH154, long lasting, nearly silent.
- geared hub motor, light, efficient.
- crank drive motor, most efficient.

We are going to examine their performance in details.

Where the motor line is below the hill line, you cannot ride up that hill on throttle alone.
Where it is above the hill line, the bike will accelerate until it crosses the hill line, that's the maximum speed the speed the bike is capable of at full throttle, maximum assist level 5, on that hill.


8-Fun SWXK motor (Woosh Santana):

On throttle alone:
Maximum speed on zero gradient: 16.5mph
Maximum speed on 5% gradient: 11.5mph
Maximum speed on 10% gradient: 3.5mph
Cannot climb 15% gradient on throttle alone.

8-Fun BPM motor (Woosh Big Bear):

On throttle alone:
Maximum speed on zero gradient: 20.5mph
Maximum speed on 5% gradient: 15mph
Maximum speed on 10% gradient: 8.5mph
Cannot climb 15% gradient on throttle alone.
Speed limited to 15mph by computer.

TCM crank motor:

All Woosh CD bikes are fitted with the TCM crank drive motor.
The Sirocco CD (and the Sport CD) has 8-speed, the other CD bikes have 7-speed.
Because power is transmitted through the chain and rear sprockets, each gear has a different response.
The charts below help you to select the right gear to get the best speed.
Choose gear 8 for flat roads, 7 for 3% gradient, 6 for 5%, 2 for 10%, 1 for anything steeper.
Please note: speed higher than 15mph are illegal on public pathways and roads, all CD bikes are restricted to 15mph by computer. ="Woosh
Sirocco CD/Sport CD
on throttle alone
Gear 1 (34T)Gear 2 (26T)Gear 3 (23T)Gear 4 (20T) Gear 5 (17T)Gear 6 (15T)Gear 7 (13T)Gear 8 (11T)

mph on flat road9.512.313.715.7 1819.721.522
mph on 5% gradient8.711.312.513.6 14.7
mph on 10% gradient89.54.5
mph on 15% gradient6.5