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The Woosh Rio MTB features:
100mm front suspension fork, 8-speed, GXP crankset, hydraulic brakes front and rear, semi-hidden battery, hi-speed hub motor, 22kgs.
New shape 18" diamond frame, adjustable riding position, 40-45 miles on flat roads with 13AH battery, 60-65 miles with the 17AH battery.
The new Woosh Rio MTB pushes the boundary of what is available with Cycle to Work schemes.

The Rio MTB is best if:
You live in a hilly area
You are 5ft4-6ft.

Over 100kgs, we recommend the Big Bear.
Over 6ft, we recommend the Camino.
How to buy this bike?
Call us with your card. (01702) 435566
We'll help with any queries before you actually order.
Or pay with Paypal, use the online shop.

Only £1,169 with 13AH battery
Only £1,269 with 17AH battery

Price including delivery
Characteristics Rio MTB
Frame size44cm 18"
Wheel size26"
Tyres1.95" mountain tyres
Kenda Kevlar
Acera RD
Quick releaseFront
ThrottleLeft Thumb Throttle
Dual controls
Pedal assist and thumb throttle.
To turn on the electrics, press the middle button labelled M to the left of the LCD display on the left handlebar.
There are 5 level of assistance, 1 provides the least assistance, 5 the highest.
Press the up and down button to select the desired level.
The 8 gears are controlled by your right thumb.
As well as pedal assist, the Rio MTB has a throttle on the left. Start pedalling, the motor will kick in and the bike will woosh you along nicely - the motor is very quiet.
(The throttle is activated after pedaling two seconds).
You can go up more or less any hill.
The bike is also very pleasant to pedal with no power.
This bike has been given an EN15194 certificate.
Maximum speed is 15mph and computer controlled.

The 8-speed Rio MTB has quick release on the front wheel.

The frame drawing: Link
Overall size:172.7cm x 101.2cm
Frame size:44.4cm (18 inches)
Saddle height:80cm-105cm
Handlebars:68cm overall
Tyres:26in x 1.95in
Weight with battery:22kgs

- Battery mounted partly inside the downtube for better weight distribution and handling.
- Powerful Bafang SWX02 motor with larger magnet core for more torque.
- Controller neatly integrated inside the frame.
- GXP crankset designed for high mileage.
- High quality adjustable suspension fork with lockout for efficient pedaling without power.
- puncture resist Kevlar tyres.

Download bike manual Download LCD manual

The Rio MTB

Main features

  • delivered 85% built, ride away in minutes
  • all important components are from the best top brands: Kenda, Ounce, Promax, RST, Shimano
  • all important bolts, nuts, spokes are made of stainless steel
  • fully accessorized: lights, bell, horn, reflector, mudguards, chainguard, propstand
  • 5 levels of pedal assist, easy full speed twist throttle for safe start at traffic lights
  • Lishui 17A controller
  • 36V 13AH or 17AH Lithium ion battery
  • 22kgs – light enough to ride with no power.

Pimp up your bike

Here are some recommendations from customers who bought the Rio MTB:
wide saddle for commuting: cost £8.18.
Full size mudguards for commuting: cost £7.38.


  • 36Volts 13AH or 17AH Lithium battery
  • Dual control: pedal assist and twist grip throttle
  • range: 40-45 miles with 13AH battery, 60-65 miles with 17AH battery on flat roads with throttle control, more with pedal assist
  • 18″ (44cm) frame, 26″ wheels, suitable for average to tall riders (5′ 4″ and above)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Motor: high torque Bafang SWX02 motor rated 250W
  • Brakes: front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Saddle: Velo comfort style
  • Battery charger for UK mains
  • Weight (including all accessories): 22kgs
  • bell and lights
  • Guarantee: 1 year parts and labour, excluding consumables

Other features

  • no need for tax, insurance or DVLA registration
  • clean energy, costs less than 0.1p per mile
  • UK and European compliant
  • for riders 14+, over 5ft7

Picture gallery

The new Woosh Rio MTB
The new Woosh Rio MTB
The new Woosh Rio MTB
The new Woosh Rio MTB
The new Woosh Rio MTB
The new Woosh Rio MTB
Customers' pictures:
(Our thanks to N. Wilson - pictures taken in Spain, early spring 2018).
Customer's picture - Woosh Rio MTB in Spain
Customer's picture - Woosh Rio MTB in Spain