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Frequently asked questions about electric bikes

What motors do Woosh electric bikes have?

Hub bikes use the Bafang 8-Fun motors, the CD bikes use the TCM motor.
All motor are EN15194 standard, rated 250W. You can see the e-bike motor videos here.

Does the motor ever cut out?

For your safety, the motor will cut out when you squeeze the brakes, even just a little.
The motor will also cut out when you go faster than 15 miles per hour.

Will your bikes sail up hills?

It depends on your weight. The heavier you are, the more slowly you can go uphill on throttle.
With hub motors, you will need to use pedal the assist mode going up most hills.
With crank drive bikes, you can switch gear and get up 10% hills on the throttle alone.
In general, there is only so much a 250W motor can carry uphill. On steep hills, even our CD bikes need pedal assist.
Our bikes are NOT suitable for off-roading.
We recommend:
If you are over 13 stone, look at our Bermuda, which has a powerful Bafang SWX02 motor.
If you are over 16 stone, choose the Big Bear, which has the even more powerful Bafang BPM motor.

The best bike for you needs to climb hills well if you live in a hilly area.
We have a tool for that, it's our Predictor that checks the surrounding area where you live and narrows down the suitable bikes.
Then select a frame that suits your riding. We offer three basic choices: mountain bike (crossbar), step through and folding. Step through offers the most comfortable ride.
Then select normal frame size or large if you are 5ft 10 and over.

Dynamic cyclists

An electric bike, whether from us or from another supplier, may not be right for you if you want to go faster than you do already.
You will rarely need to use the electrics and be worse off pedalling a heavier bike when riding over 15mph.

Can I get to the maximum speed on throttle alone?

No, that would frighten most people.
You can increase the maximum speed on throttle by setting the assistance level to high but for maximum speed, you need to use the pedal assist mode. Your maximum speed will be limited by your highest cadence.
Lastly, bikes equipped with the King Meter trip computer have a higher maximum throttle speed, since it has 5 levels of assistance as opposed to 3 on the other bikes.

Which one is your fastest bike?

It's currently the Sirocco CD.
Although motor assistance is still limited to 15mph, it won't slow you down much on most hills.
Second fastest is the Sirocco Sport.

How easy is it to pedal without power?

You will lose about 10% of your speed in comparison with riding an average non-electric bikes.
All our bikes are around 7-8kg heavier than an average non-electric bike. You can feel a tiny resistance in the motor but it's hardly noticeable.
The Sirocco Sport with 18 gears is the best for pedalling without power.
All the other bikes are about the same, easy with 6 or 7 gears.
The Mono is not good for pedalling without power.

why can't you be precise about the range?

Because the answer depends so much on terrain, headwind and riders.
On flat roads, you will need between 10 Watt Hours and 12WH per mile, more going uphill, less if you cycle along to help the motor.
For comparison, a pedalling human needs about 14WH per mile on flat roads.
An e-bike with a 36V 10AH battery (360WH) will give you 30-36 miles on flat roads
Again, your range will reduce substantially if you are slowed down by headwinds. Braking will also reduce the range.
If you intend to buy a bike for commuting, allow at least 25% leeway for traffic lights in towns and cities.

How much does a replacement battery cost?

Currently, a 36V 10AH battery costs £205, £315 for a 36V 15AH battery. See the section on batteries here.

How much does a replacement motor wheel cost?

Currently, a complete motor wheel with Bafang motor and Kenda tyre costs £159.
A new Tianjin crank motor (TCM) motor costs £199.

Where can I see your bikes?

Some of our customers are demonstrators.
There may be one near you ( within say 30 miles) who has the model of bike you are interested in, and if you go to see them, will show it to you in detail.
Just fill in the form with your post code and the model of bike you are keen on and we will email or call you back if this is a possibility.
local demo

I am not a bike mechanic. How can I be sure that your bike is safe for me to ride?

Our bikes need some assembly (handlebars and pedals) and brakes checked before they are ready for the road.
If you would rather not do this we can get a local bike shop to do it for you.
Your bike will be delivered to the shop. They will then prepare it for you and fully charge the battery.
All you then need to do is get someone to drop you off, pay them their fee (£35) using the same card with which you ordered the bike.... and off you go. Call us if you'd like this service.

What happens if I live miles away and things go wrong?

Just telephone support on 01702 435566. If it's complicated, we will arrange with a local bike shop (often your nearest Halfords) where you live to sort out your problem.
Please see our After Sales Service and support section

How much do you carry in spares?

We carry around 10% of our stocks to insure good servicing and dependability.

Where else can I find e-bike spare parts?

We use Shimano kits (or compatible) for all moving parts.
Virtually all mechanical parts can be found at your local bike shops or online.
Bafang motors and Lithium polymer batteries are widely available in the UK.
Check out the pedelecs forum for useful information.

Where are your bikes made?

They are made in Shanghai, China. In fact, all bikes under £2000 are made in China.
We specify the components, Kenda tyres for example are made in Taiwan, but assembly is in China.

Do you deliver overseas?

Only to Scottish islands, the Channel islands, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight!
These incur a charge for the crossing, normally paid for by the customer – our delivery up to the port is free.
We regret we are unable to offer a service to Europe at present.

Are your electric bikes safe?

Yes, they conform to European EN15194 standards and come with full certification.

Can I derestrict your electric bikes?

No, it will void your warranty.
Also, if you derestrict your bike, you need to get it registered as an electric moped, attach a number plate, get a free tax disc, have it MOT'd, only ride it on roads (not cycle lanes or paths) and also wear a helmet.
If someone decides to report you for riding a derestricted bike on the roads without it being registered or without insurance and helmet, you will most likely lose your driving licence.

Do you supply electric bike kits and electric scooters?

We are thinking about electric bike kits but not electric scooters.
Our main concern is support and warranty for we have no control of what and how other parts are connected to our kits.
If you are interested, take a look at the crank drive kit, we may make it available soon.

About electric bikes in general:

1. What's so good about electric bikes?

They take the strain from your legs, making cycling much easier.
Riding them is such fun that you get out more and get fitter.
Cheap to run, no parking fees, no CBT, road tax, insurance, MOT!!

2. Any bad points?

They are heavier than normal bikes
They need a bit more maintenance than a standard bike... but that's pretty much it!
Electric bikes aren't for everyone: if you already ride at over 15 mph most of the time there will be little point for you.

3. How fast can they go?

The legal limit in the UK is 15mph powered by the motor

5. How do the electrics work?

Just switch on the key and either start pedalling or turn the throttle gently down towards you.
The bike will move along under its own power, and braking will cut this off.
Woosh bikes have both pedal and throttle assist, european made bikes only have pedal assist.

4. Does the e-bike recharge as you go along?

No - you need to use the charger supplied

4. How do I know that the battery is fully charged?

For each mile you ride on power, you'll need about 10 minutes charging time.
Leave the battery on charge until the charging light goes green and stays green for 5 minutes.

5. How long is the battery expected to last?

The battery should have around 700-1000 recharge cycles, about 2-3 years.
Its capacity diminishes over time, when it goes down to 75%, you should replace it.
The more you use the bike, the better the battery retains its capacity, since it keeps the Lithium moving.

I still have questions.

Please follow this link ‘webform’ to submit questions by email or call us on (01702) 435566 10 - 5 Mons to Sats.
Please also read our sales condition

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