The Woosh Karoo

Exceptionally light
Fast rolling bike with 13AH or 15AH or 17AH battery

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The Woosh Karoo:
Now replaced by the Faro

Matt black classic trekking frame, 50(13AH)/65(15AH)-80(17AH) miles on flat roads. Natural ride feel. 8-Fun motor. 8-speed, 18.5kgs (with 13AH battery)/19kgs (15AH/17AH)

The Karoo is best if:
You are tall, slim and live in a flatish area and are used to fast pedalling.
If you weigh more than 16 stone (100kgs), then the Big Bear which has a more powerful motor and controller is more suitable.

Only £899 with 13AH.
Only £949 with 15AH.
Only £999 with 17AH.
including delivery.

Optional rack and mudguards: £25.

How to buy this bike?
Call us with your card. (01702) 684444
We'll help with any queries before you actually order.
Or pay with Paypal, use the online shop.

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Download the Karoo LCD manual
Download the Karoo user manual
Download the Karoo Muguards Installation Guide

Frame size20"
Wheel size700C (28")
Tyres700C x 28 CST Traveller, fast rolling city tyres with reflective band
Acera ASLM310R8AC/RD-M360 derailleur
DNP freewheel LY-3008, 11T-30T, nickel
Quick releaseFront wheel
ThrottleRight grip
LCD6 assist levels
back light, 6km walk mode
Dual controls
The Woosh Karoo has both throttle and pedal assist.
To turn on the electrics, press the + button to the left of the LCD display on the left handlebar.
There are 6 levels of pedelec assistance, 1 provides the least assistance, 6 the highest.
Assist level 0 provides no pedelec assist, you pedal like with a normal bike the throttle remains active, use it whenever you like to climb hills.
Press the + and - button to select the desired pedelec level.
While in pedelec, you have the starting aid at traffic lights. Press and hold the - key activates the starting aid.
As well as pedal assist, the Karoo has a throttle on the right grip. On assist 0, using the throttle (by simply twisting the left twist grip gently down towards you), the motor will kick in and the bike will woosh you along nicely - the motor is very quiet.
The bike is also very pleasant to pedal with no power.
The 8 gears are controlled by your right thumb.
This bike has been given an EN15194 certificate.
Maximum speed is 15mph and computer controlled.

700C (28") wheels for taller riders, minimum rider's height (at lowest saddle setting): 5ft6, maximum height (at highest saddle setting): 6ft2.
Overall size:170cm x 115cm
Frame size:50cm
Saddle height:94cm-115cm
Handlebars:68cm overall
Tyres:700C x 28mm
Weight with 13AH battery:18.5kgs
Weight with 15AH/17AH battery:19kgs

Special features:

Ounce 245 crankset 45T, Avid BB5 front and rear disc brakes, extra light alloy frame, thin fast rolling tyres.
6 assist level LCD control plus level 0 (no pedelec, throttle only):


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The Woosh Karoo

Matt Black with Woosh logos
Thank you EddiePJ for the pictures!
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Woosh Karoo - click to enlarge

Woosh Karoo - click to enlarge

Optional mudguards:

Woosh Karoo muduards Optional rack and mudguards:

Woosh Karoo rack and muduards