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This bike is now replaced by the Santana3
The Santana Petite:

Built for the smaller riders.
Sturdy Dutch style, comfortable sit up riding position, 45 miles on flat roads with 15AH battery - 8-Fun motor - 7 speed - adjustable handlebars - Kevlar tyres - 23kgs

With 13AH battery (40 mile range): £999 including delivery.
With 15AH battery (50 mile range): £1,049 including delivery.
With 17AH battery (60 mile range): £1,099 including delivery.

How to buy this bike?
Call us with your card. (01702) 684444
We'll help with any queries before you actually order.
Or pay with Paypal, use the online shop.

This bike will suit average heights and weights.
5ft1 to 5ft6, up to 110kgs.

Overall size:172cm x 100cm
Frame size:43cm (17")
Saddle height:79cm - 100cm from the ground
Wheel size:24 inches, 61cm
Tyres:24in by 1.75in re-inforced with Kevlar

  • Leather grips
  • LCD with 5 assist levels, 3 buttons, speedometer, odometer and advanced settings
  • Quill stem, adjustable bar height and arm reach.
  • Thumb throttle on the right
  • 7-speed gear shifter
  • bell

Frame size:

The effective top tube is much smaller (52cm compared to 57cm average), the handlebars also smaller (60cm, 64cm average), saddle height also 5cm lower.

Woosh Petite frame size
Dual controls
With throttle control and pedal assist, the Petite is easy to ride.
To turn on the electrics, press the middle button on the LCD display.
There are 5 level of assistance, 1 provides the least assistance, 5 the highest.
Press the + and - button to select the desired level.
The 7-speed gear change is by your right thumb.
When you start pedalling, the motor will kick in and supply about 90% of the energy.
If you don't want to pedal, simply pushing on the thumb throttle.
The bike will woosh you along nicely.
The bike is also very pleasant to pedal with no power.
Maximum speed is 15mph and computer controlled.

Woosh Petite display and control
Click to enlarge.
Woosh Petite - click to enlarge
Removable battery
Turn the key 180 degrees anti-clockwise to unlock, then pull out the battery.
Woosh Petite battery lock

Petite comes with choice of saddle post to suit your height and weight, Kevlar tyres, rack, mudguards, lights and bell.
Woosh Petite

Front view:

Woosh Petite

Petite and Big Bear, side by side:

Woosh Santana Petite