Woosh Sirocco 2

A beautiful electric mountain bike
with smooth performance & 15AH battery

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This bike is out of stock and is replaced by the Big Bear.

Sirocco 2 Beautifully built, massive battery power, Bafang motor, very capable machine and excellent choice for commuting.

Only £699 with 15AH battery, including VAT and delivery.
How to buy this bike?
Call us with your card. (01702) 435566
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Woosh Sirocco 2 adjustable stem

20" frame, will suit riders over 5ft8.
The Sirocco 2 can do about 50-60 miles on a full charge on flat roads Recommended maximum weight: 110kgs. If you are heavier, we recommend the Sirocco CD.

Overall size:195cm x 105cm
Frame size:50cm
Saddle height (in seam):between 93cm to 107cm adjustable
Handlebars:68cm overall
Wheel size:66cm (26 inches)
Tyres:5cm wide (26in by 1.95in)
Easy controls
The Sirocco 2 has both throttle control and pedal assist.
Very easy to ride: switch on the battery with your key.
The LED display unit and throttle are to the left of the handlebars, gear change to the right.
Press the red on/off button on the LED display.
There are 3 levels of assistance: low, medium and high.
Press the green button to change assistance mode if you like.
The gears are on a revoshift on the right grip, turn the grip to change gears.
There are 7 gears, 1 is slowest, 7 is fastest.
If you start pedalling, the pedal assist sensor will sense that and supply about 80% of the energy depending on the level of assistance you selected.
As well as pedal assist, the Sirocco-CD has a throttle on the right grip.
If you don't want to pedal, use the throttle (by simply twisting the right twist grip gently down towards you).
The bike will woosh you along nicely - the motor is very quiet.
Tremendous fun!
The bike is also very pleasant to pedal with no power.

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Main features

  • top brand proven components
  • fully accessorized
  • slimline discreet sealed battery — bike doesn't look electric
  • fat 1.95in Kenda tyres for comfortable commuting
  • mechanical components widely available
  • 3 levels of assistance, 26″ wheel, stainless spokes, streamlined 20″ frame
  • 7 speed Shimano gear system
  • easy twist throttle for fast get aways
  • up to 40 miles on single charge, 60 with easy pedalling
  • 25 kgs – light enough to ride with no power

Other features

  • no need for tax, insurance or DVLA registration
  • clean energy, costs less than 0.1p per mile
  • UK and European compliant
  • for riders 14+, 5′ 5″- 6′ 3″


  • 36Volts 15AH Lithium battery
  • Maximum speed 15 miles per hour
  • Dual control: pedal assist and twist grip throttle
  • range: 40-60 miles on flat roads with throttle control, more with pedal assist
  • 20″ frame, 26″ wheels, suitable for average riders (5′ 4″ to 6.4″)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Motor: lightweight Bafang 8-Fun brushless rear hub motor rated 250W
  • Brakes: front disc brakes, rear V brakes
  • Saddle: Velo mens city style
  • Tyres: Kenda 26″ by 1.95″
  • Battery charger for UK mains
  • Weight (including all accessories): 25kgs
  • bell and lights
  • Guarantee: 1 year parts and labour, excluding consumables