Woosh Sirocco Sport-TS

A beautiful electric bike
with sparkling performance
built for cyclists

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Woosh Sirocco Sport-TS: Torque sensor, 36V 9AH black bottle battery, 18-speed, very light and easy to cycle without power, excellent choice for cyclists who need light assist.
The Sport-TS has torque control instead of throttle and pedal assist.
17" frame, will suit riders over 5ft3.
The Sport can do about 24-30 miles on a full charge on flat roads
Recommended maximum weight: 90kgs. If you are heavier, we recommend the Krieger.
This bike is optimized for light assist, especially for women riders.
Sport TS
Price including delivery £669.

Why choose a torque sensor instead of a throttle?

Woosh Sirocco-Sport TS torque sensor

A throttle is convienient - but can strain your wrist and not encourage you to cycle.
The torque sensing technology in the Sport TS relies on a set of 4 coil springs built into the rear hub.
As you push down on the pedals, the springs are compressed, a set of Hall sensors measure the displacement and outputs a throttle voltage proprotional to the applied force.
You select the assist level to suit your physical condition and terrain, the electronics will try to maintain a constant human/motor ratio for you.
So if you want to keep cycling as much as possible, a torque sensor will retain that natural feel to cycling.
Overall size:175cm x 105cm
Frame size:44cm
Saddle height (in seam):84cm-100cm adjustable
Handlebars:66cm overall
Wheel size:66cm (26 inches)
Tyres:6cm wide (26 inches by 2.1 inches)

Woosh Sirocco-Sport TS LCD display unit

Easy controls
Our first no-throttle bike!
To turn on the electrics, press the middle button on the LCD display.
There are 5 level of assistance, 1 provides the least assistance, 5 the highest.
Press the up and down button to select the desired level.
The front derailleur is by your left thumb, 6-speed rear derailleur by your right thumb.
When you start pedalling, the motor will kick in and supply about 80% of the energy.
The bike will woosh you along nicely.
The bike is also very pleasant to pedal with no power.
This bike has been given an EN15194 certificate.
Maximum speed is 15mph and computer controlled.

TS image gallery

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These are some of the cool things you can see on the Sirocco-Sport-TS...

Precise, functional, uncluttered handlebars, neat wiring
Woosh Sirocco Sport-TS handlebars
Front and rear Tektro mechanical 160mm disc brakes
4-point propstand
TGS 60mm travel suspension forks
Woosh Sirocco Sport-TS Tektro disc Woosh Sirocco Sport-TS suspension forks
3 chainring Shimano front derailleur (18-speed)
Black alloy crankset, Wellgo pedals
Promax seat post, Velo gel saddle, front & rear lights
Woosh Sirocco Sport-TS front derailleur Woosh Sirocco Sport-TS saddle


  • 36Volts 9AH Lithium battery with Samsung cells
  • Maximum speed 15 miles per hour limited by computer
  • Controls pedal assist and torque sensor
  • range: 20-30 miles on flat roads
  • 17″ alloy frame, 26″ wheels
  • suitable for average riders (5′ 4″ to 5′ 11″)
  • Sporty 18 speed Shimano Index Shift
  • Promax adjustable stem, handlebars and seat post
  • Motor: lightweight XOFO brushless rear hub motor rated 250W
  • Sensors: torque and speed sensors built inside motor housing
  • Brakes: front and rear Tektro disc brakes
  • Saddle: Velo mens city style - Promax suspension post
  • Tyres: 26″ by 2.1″ Kenda K1047 Small Block Eight
  • Battery charger for UK mains
  • Weight (including all accessories): 21kgs
  • bell
  • Guarantee: 1 year parts and labour, excluding consumables

Spare battery

36 Volts 9 Amp Hours
New set of 2 keys
Internal configuration: Samsung Lipo cells
Price including VAT: £225 (including p&p)

Woosh Sirocco Sport-TS bottle battery

Main features

  • Torque sensor for natural ride control
  • ride away in minutes
  • top brand proven components
  • fat 2.1in tyres for best comfort and grip
  • mechanical components widely available
  • 5 levels of assistance
  • 26″ wheels, stainless spokes, 17″ frame
  • 18 speed Shimano gear system
  • Adjustable stem to suit your arm length
  • up to 30 miles on single charge, 40 with easy pedalling
  • Only 21 kgs – including battery

Other features

  • Battery with high peak current Samsung cells, easy side pull.
  • Easy maintenance with one cable system
  • no need for tax, insurance or DVLA registration
  • clean energy, costs less than 0.1p per mile
  • UK and European compliant
  • for riders 14+, up to 15 stone, 5′ 4″- 6′ 2″

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