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Please use the web contact form or send your kit enquiries to - this is because it is not humanly possible for us to remember what was said on the phone after few conversations.
All prices include shipping to UK addresses.
The TSDZ2 is not recommended for cargo bikes, please use our DWG22C kit for this.
If you have a mobility reduction or impairment, you should opt for the TSDZ2T which is the TSDZ2 with throttle which helps climbing hills without extra work.
From September, the TSDZ2 is the 'B' revision.

Frequently asked questions:

Will it fit my bike?
We can't tell you unless we know the model of your bike.
It is best to email some pictures of your bike, the general bike, the bottom bracket area and the handlebars to
Would we need any special tools to fit it other than usual bike tools?
You need a crank puller and bottom bracket tool. If you can remove the bottom bracket then you don't need to buy anything else.
You need some space on the handlebars to install the LCD and the thumb throttle if you buy our TSDZ2T.
You may also need a drill, 6.5mm drill bit if you need to install a couple of M5 rivnuts on the downtube to secure the battery cradle.
We don't support any reprogramming. It's outside your warranty.
What are the difference between torque sensing and cadence sensing?
The TSDZ2 has torque sensing like on many European made bikes. What that means is the motor senses how much force or torque you put on the pedals and adjusts the power correspondingly. This is great, you control the bike very much like a normal bike and it gives the impression that you have bionic legs.
If you had previously a cadence sensing bike, you need to be aware of a few things:
- keep your cadence high. Output power = torque * rotational speed, the higher your cadence, the more help you get from the motor.
- prepare to pedal harder on a torque sensing e-bike compared to a cadence sensing e-bike. The good points are your battery consumption is much lower and you keep your legs fit.
Can you price match?
No, but we do offer some discount when you buy a second unit.
How about guarantee?
Kits are not the same as bikes, which are supplied as complete items needing little or no intervention by the customer.
If we cannot fix a kit under warranty to you, we will offer you a refund.
Please note that this will not be a full refund.
It will be based upon the condition and age of the kit, the number of miles it has done and whether any of its component parts are missing. Please refer to our sales terms and conditions for details.
In some cases, faults are caused by the way the kit has been installed or misused (eg derestricted, despite our warnings) rather than by a manufacturing mistake within the kit itself. In those cases, we cannot cover the cost of repairs under warranty.

Tongsheng 48V 250W TSDZ2 kit with new VLCD5

TSDZ2 and TSDZ2T are in stock.

Conform to EN15194. Motor rating: 250W nominal.
Simple and neat plug and play wiring.
Torque sensing system.
Powerful high speed 48V 15A motor.
The throttle is full acting and a great help for hill start.
Our complete kits come with charger.
Our batteries are made with top quality Panasonic cells

TSDZ2BT kits, with throttle and sensored brake levers
TSDZ2BT 48V with 10AH bag battery -New!£579
TSDZ2BT 48V with 12.8AH HL battery (361mm L x 90mm W x 92mm H)£705
TSDZ2BT 48V with 15AH DP battery (368mm L x 95mm W x 103mm H)£705
TSDZ2BT 48V with 15AH RACK battery£740
TSDZ2BT 48V 15AA 250W road legal£385
Prices include delivery.
Download the TSDZ2 manual here.

Bag battery: 36V 15AH range 50 miles

Weight: 2.0kgs
Dimensions: 207mm x 83mm x 78mms
Lock and keys: No. The battery is easily removable. For security, you should run a steel cable through the bag.

Tongsheng TSDZ2B kit

Tongsheng TSDZ2 kit

These parts are supplied with the throttle version, the TSDZ2T kit:
throttle kit for Tongsheng TSDZ2


Power:48V 250W, conform to EN15194
Chainring:supplied 42T, will accept BCD 110mm single or double rings
Motor type:suitable for common 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket
Sensor:Torque sensor, full throttle optional
Controller:Set to 16A
Batteries:48V 12AH HL downtube battery: 3.4kgs
48V 15AH rack battery: 4.1kgs
Download and read the TSDZ2 Installation Manual
Download and read the VLCD5 LCD Manual
1) Remove your bottom bracket and front derailleur
2) Insert the motor and install the motor hanger, fasten the bottom bracket.
3) Install the battery.
4) Install the LCD.
5) Connect the waterproof cable and the battery cable.
6) Install the thumb throttle and the brake handles.

Frequenty asked questions

Be aware of the physical issues around the bottom bracket:
Like the BBS01B, the TSDZ2 will fit bottom brackets whose shell is 68mm or 73mm long.
However, the space between the motor's bottom bracket and the motor's housing is not enough to accomodate your cable guide.
Also, if your bike has bosses on the lower half of the bottom bracket shell, you may have to grind them down.
If your bike has one mounted under the bottom bracket shell, please email us a picture for advice.
Also, if your bike has a side kickstand mounted close to or right behind the bottom bracket, please email us a picture for advice.

Like the BBS01B, the TSDZ2 may move the chainline.
To find out the current chainline, measure the distance between the middle of the seat tube (it's also the middle of the bike) to the chainring's teeth.
It is commonly 50mm. The chainline of the TSDZ2 is 50.2mm.
A difference of 5mm or less won't affect your gear shift but if it is bigger, you may need a new chainring with offset. Please ask us for advice.
However, the space between the motor's bottom bracket and the motor's housing is not enough to accomodate your cable guide.

If you want to fit a double chainring:
The TSDZ2 will let you fit a 5-bolt 110mm BCD (bolt circle diameter) double chainring.
However, you must not fit a bigger ring than 44T. The TSDZ2 has 42T ring, maximum 95RPM. On bikes with cassette and 700C wheels, that is 30 mph.
A larger ring will increase stress and strain on the motor, you will strip the blue transmission gear between the motor spindle and the gearbox very quickly.
If you use a bigger ring than 42T, we can't guarantee your motor.

Question: I've been looking at the specs and it states 250w however the controller is set to 16A and the battery is 48v.
16A and 48v would suggest a power much higher than 250w, can you clarify please?

The controller on the TSDZ2 is rated 10A continuous.
This has nothing to do with the manufacturers' power rating, if the manufacturers say 250W then that is what they expect the users to use it for on average.
If the user sticks to 25kph assist speed limit, on flat roads, he'll need around 200W of power, well within the capacity of the motor and the law.
Users are allowed to exceed the 250W for short periods of time when climimg hills and still under the 25kph. That is how the EN15194 standard is set.
Question: I notice that the motor is available from international sellers with a spec of 500w.
It's up to the suppliers to negotiate with the manufacturers what should be the rating of the product.

Question: Would the 250w motor give a lot less noticeable performance than the 500w motor in terms of torque etc.?
No. The 48V controller is the same. Some dealers reprogram the controller, we don't. They are programmed by Tongsheng.
Tongsheng TSDZ2 kit
Tongsheng VLCD5