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Torque sensor measures and multiplies your pedaling effort with 5 assist levels, helps you climb steep hills with ease!
Compact and well thought out conversion kits for bikes with 20", 26", 27.5" and 700C wheels with 10AH, 15AH, 17AH or 20AH battery.

Convert easily most bikes with 68mm bottom bracket to electric in record time!
Functions with both 36V and 48V battery. Torque sensor does not suit everyone because you have to pedal all the time and harder on hills but the reward is it keeps your legs strong while still flattening hills. Woosh TS Kit

What is in the kit?

  • 1) BBTS 68mm torque sensor
  • 2) M5 LCD with 5 assist levels + 15A controller
  • 3) Your choice of 44T or 48T crankset
  • 4) Motor wheel of your choice in 20", 26", 650B or 700C
  • 5) Battery of your choice
  • BBTS 68mm kit on its own (without wheel, without battery) limited offer £100.
  • Complete kits with wheel and battery:

    XF07 36V 42NM front hub
    + 10AH bag battery: £449
    + 15AH bag battery: £499
    + 20AH DP downtube: £549
    + 20AH rack: £579

    XF08C 36V 45NM rear hub
    + 10AH bag battery: £479
    + 15AH bag battery: £529
    + 20AH DP downtube: £579
    + 20AH rack: £579

    DWG22C 48V 60NM rear hub
    + 10AH 48V bag battery: £519
    + 15AH 48V DP downtube: £599
    + 15AH 48V rack: £629

Prices include everything you need, a motor wheel of your choice, the battery of your choice and UK postage.
Special offer:
For a limited period, we are offering the BBTS kit with your choice of motor wheel without battery.
It's perfect if you have two bikes and want to use one battery between the two, or you already have a 36V tool battery.
  • BBTS kit with XF07 front hub: Only £249
  • BBTS kit with XF08C rear hub: Only £279

Required skill level:

Although we take every step to make installation as easy and straightforward as possible, you still need to own and know how to use a digital multitester and to be able to:

  • - Remove and refit the cranks
  • - Remove and refit your brakes and tyres
  • - Remove and refit your freewheel or freehub
  • - Index your gears
Please use the web contact form or send your kit enquiries to - this is because it is not humanly possible for us to remember what was said on the phone after few conversations.
All prices include shipping to UK addresses.

Installation in 4 steps:

- replace the existing chainring with the new TS chainring.
- fit and connect the battery.
- fit and connect the LCD.
- Fit and connect the motor wheel.

Golden rules for installations:
- Cable from motor must exit downwards.
- Do not pull cable ties too tight.
- Make sure the motor connector is inserted all the way to the line.
- Do not use a pressure washer on this kit

Please download and read the installation manual before purchasing:
BBTS Kit Manual.pdf

What if I cannot fit the kit myself?
We will assist you in finding a local bike shop and liaise with the bike shop to carry out the work for you.
The average charge to fit our kits is around £100, you pay directly to the bike shop.

Kits are not the same as bikes, which are supplied as complete items needing little or no intervention by the customer.
If we cannot fix a kit under warranty to you, we will offer you a refund.
Please note that this will not be a full refund.
It will be based upon the condition and age of the kit, the number of miles it has done and whether any of its component parts are missing. Please refer to our sales terms and conditions for details.
In some cases, faults are caused by the way the kit has been installed or misused (eg derestricted, despite our warnings) rather than by a manufacturing mistake within the kit itself. In those cases, we cannot cover the cost of repairs under warranty.
Useful videos:
How to install the BBTS in 2 minutes. Click on the image to run the video

Rear Hub-Motor Wheel Removal and Install.

Woosh BBTS Torque Sensor hub kit

Very high performance conversion kit, quick installation, plug and play easy wiring.
Woosh TS Kit

Woosh TS Kit

Woosh TS Kit


Woosh TS Kit

New! Bag batteries

We have 3 new bag batteries:
  • 36V 10AH weighing just under 2kgs, range about 30-35 miles, for Brompton kits
  • 36V 15AH weighing 2.3kgs, range about 50 miles, for BBS01B, XF07 and XF08C kits
  • 48V 10AH weighing 2.2kgs, range about 50 miles, for TSDZ2, BBS01ET and DWG22C kits
Bag batteries require no effort to attach to the bikes. They don't have lock and keys, you will have to run a steel cable through the bag if you intend to leave your bike unattended.

XF07 36V 250W road legal front hub kit

Compatible with both V-brakes and disc brakes.
Top quality conversion kit for quick installation and lightweight, plug and play easy wiring.

Woosh XF07 kit

XF08C 36V 250W road legal rear hub kit

Compatible with both V-brakes and disc brakes.
Hubkit with MXUS XF08C 26" or 700C or 650B Wheel and 36V Battery and charger
Top quality conversion kit for bikes with cassette fitting, plug and play easy wiring.
(Click on picture to zoom in) - XF08C motor drawing
Woosh XF08C kit

DWG22C 48V 250W road legal rear hub kit

Hubkit with Shengyi DWG22C 26" or 700C or 650B Wheel and 48V battery and charger
Available in silver with silver spokes or black with black spokes, please let us know when ordering.
Very high performance conversion kit, high torque winding, low noise motor, plug and play easy wiring.
Perfect for cargo bikes.

Woosh DWG22C 48V kit
Woosh DWG22C 48V kit