Removing the chainguard and rear wheel on the Sundowner

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To take the rear wheel off, first take the chainguard off, then disconnect the gear cable and the roller brake cable and finally remove the rear wheel.


1. Remove the chainguard
The chainguard composes of 4 pieces that clip together. Two small screws position the chainguard on the frame allowing a small amount of adjustment.
- Remove the rear gray piece (1 on the picture). Push the latch where the circle is.
- Remove the bottom piece (2 on the picture). Push the rear latch first, then the front latch next.
- remove the top piece (3 on the picture)
- undo the two screws then remove the middle piece (4 on the picture)




2. Disconnect the gear cable
- Put the bike into the first gear before you start. The cable will be easier to unhook.
- use your thumb to push down on the gear lever (5 on the picture)
- unhook the bolt from its slot (6 on the picture)
- loosen the gear cable, ith will come out quite easily from the guide (7 on the picture)




3. Disconnect the roller brake cable
- Make sure there is some slack on the brake cable sheath
- use your thumb to push the brake leaver clockwise to slacken the cable (8 on the picture)
- Unhook the brake cable bolt (9 on the picture) - remove the cable adjuster from its guide (10 on the picture)




4. Remove the rear wheel
The rear dropout should be 5mm more than it is, so you will find that the frame is a little tight.
- Undo the axle nuts
- wiggle the wheel a little to move it forward, slackening the chain
- remove the chain from the chainring and rear freewheel
Please note the position of the torque washers. Take a picture with your camera phone if you can or check the picture below.
As I said before, the frame is a little tight, you may have to wiggle the wheel a little to pull it out from the frame.


To re-assemble, proceed in reverse.
- hang the chain behind the freewheel, put the wheel back in the frame
- hook the gear cable bolt back in its slot. Push with your thumb on the gear lever and slide the gear cable back into it's guide.
- hook the roller brake cable bolt back in its slot. Push the brake roller clockwise, and slide the brake cable adjuster back in its guide.
- re-install the fixing collar to the roller brake.
- retension the chain. Please leave a little play on the chain, make sure it's set to your liking
- tighten the axle nuts
You should check the bike before reinstalling the chainguard.



Points to remember when working with the rear wheel:

- remove the battery before start working on the bike
- if you don't have a bike stand, it may be easier to work with a bike upside down on a large table