How to replace a frayed shimano shifter cable

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Shimano RapidFire / Alivio gear shifter

How to replace the gear cable.

Before you start, ensure that you have the correct cable;
This is NOT the same as the cables used for brakes.

Alivio rapidfire inner gear cable

The Alivio / RapidFire shifter:

Alivio rapidfire shifter

To replace your shifter cable, first ensure that the shifter is in the highest gear
(otherwise you wonít be able to remove the cable), next loosen the gear assembly
so that you can rotate it around the handlebars a little;
this is to allow easier access to the hole where the cable exits the shifter.
To access the hole, you will need to use a Philips screwdriver to remove the cover indicated below.

How to remove cover of the Alivio rapidfire shifter

Once the cover has been removed, simply push the cable through a little
until you have enough showing that you can grip it where it exits the other side of the shifter
and then pull through the remaining cable.

Alivio rapidfire shifter

install the rapidfire inner gear cable

To fit the replacement cable, just reverse the steps.
Donít forget to refit the screw/cover.
Next step: adjust the derailleur.