The Sant-Ana CD

an exceptionally comfortable
chain drive bike with 15AH battery

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The Santana-CD:
Classic, sturdy Dutch style, comfortable sit up riding position, 50-60 miles on flat roads. 15AH battery, climb any hill, natural ride feel.
Chain drive motor - 7 speed - adjustable handlebars - Kevlar tyres - 25kgs

The Santana Chain Drive is best if:
You live in a hilly area and you weigh more than 100kgs

For the smaller riders, we have the Santana Petite.

Santana-CD: Only £1,029 including delivery.

How to buy these bikes?
Call us with your card. (01702) 435566
We'll help with any queries before you actually order.
Or pay with Paypal, use the online shop.

Motor of the Santana-CD:
Woosh Santana-CD motor
Overall size:175cm x 105cm
Frame size:44cm
Saddle height:84cm-105cm
Handlebars:68cm overall
Wheel size:66cm (26 inches)
Tyres:26in 1.95in Kenda KEVLAR puncture resistant
Weight with battery:25kgs
Dual controls
With throttle control and pedal assist, the Santana-CD is easy to ride.
Electric controls are on the left, gear shift and throttle on the right.
To get going, switch on the electrics by pressing the middle [mode] button next to the trip computer on the left.
Change your assistance level if you wish (there are 5 levels, change by pressing the up or down buttons).
There are 7 gears, gear 1 gives you the biggest torque, for climbing the steepest hills, gear 7 the smallest torque and fastest speed, for flat road cruising.
Twist down the throttle like on a motobike or start pedalling and the Sant Ana will woosh you along nicely!
The Santana-CD is also easy to pedal with no power.
Woosh Santana-CD display and control

Why choose a chain drive?
A hub motor can only deliver around 20-30NM torque - fine for flat roads but on steep hills, the motor will slow down and output power will drop rapidly.
So if you want to ride hills, a chain drive bike is a must.
On the Sant-Ana CD, you'll get around 18NM torque on the 7th gear and about 44NM on the first gear.
By choosing the best gear to suit your terrain, the motor will contine running at high speed, maintaining maximum power output - and if you want to use just the throttle without pedalling, the Sant-Ana CD will do this perfectly.


Smaller, low profile seat post, 26" wider tyres

Main features

  • delivered 75% built, you only need to fit pedals, handlebars and front mudguard.
  • top brand proven components
  • fully accessorized
  • slimline discreet sealed battery — bike doesn't look electric
  • 1.75 Kenda Kevlar tyres for comfortable commuting
  • mechanical components widely available
  • 5 levels of assistance, 26″ wheel, stainless spokes, 18″ frame
  • 7 speed Shimano gear system
  • easy twist throttle for fast get aways
  • 250W chain drive motor
  • Lishui 7A-14A controller*
  • King Meter J-LCD display
  • 36V 15AH Lithium-ion battery
  • up to 70 miles on single charge, 60 with easy pedalling
  • 25 kgs – light enough to ride with no power
  • * At (maximum) 14A, the power output is about 400W.
    Power delivery is very gradual on the Santana-CD.
    However, this power is transmitted through chain and gears, you should squeeze the brake handles slightly to cut out the motor momentarily when changing gears to protect the derailleur.
    There is also this useful maneuver to change gear more smoothly: throttle up, stop pedalling, thottle down, change gear and throttle up again, very much like you would do with your car.

Other features

  • no need for tax, insurance or DVLA registration
  • clean energy, costs less than 0.1p per mile
  • spare battery: £299 at the time of purchase
  • UK and European compliant
  • for riders 14+, 5′ 5″- 6′ 3″


  • 36Volts 15AH Lithium battery
  • Maximum speed 15 miles per hour
  • Dual control: pedal assist and twist grip throttle
  • range: 60-70 miles on flat roads with throttle control, more with pedal assist
  • 18″ frame, 26″ wheels, suitable for average riders (5′ 5″ to 6′)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Motor: lightweight brushless chain drive mid motor rated 250W
  • Brakes: front disc brakes, rear V brakes
  • Saddle: comfort city style
  • Tyres: Kenda Kevlar 26″ (CDL: 28″) by 1.75″
  • Battery charger for UK mains
  • Weight (including all accessories): 25kgs
  • bell and lights
  • Guarantee: 1 year parts and labour, excluding consumables
The J-LCD Panel displays :battery charge, clock, assistance levels, speed and odometer. You can select speed in miles or km. Follow this link for more information.

Santana-CD LCD display

Spare 15AH rear rack battery:
£345 including courier.
Santana-CD battery
Woosh Santana-CD - click to enlarge
Woosh Santana-CD - click to enlarge