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Corona Virus precautions:

If your enquiry is about kits, please email, don't call us, we'll call you.
All visits need to be pre-arranged and bring your own face mask.

Please use the web contact form or send your kit enquiries to - this is because it is not humanly possible for us to remember what was said on the phone after few conversations.
All prices include shipping to UK addresses.

All our batteries are made with top quality Panasonic cells.
Standard B 36V system, BBS01B 15A max 250W + battery
BBS01B + 36V 15AH bag battery kit and charger New!£640
BBS01B + 36V 17AH HL battery kit and charger £699
BBS01B + 36V 20AH DP battery kit and charger £699
BBS01B + 36V 20AH RACK battery kit and charger £730

Extra Torque 48V system, 30% more torque, BBS01ET 48V 14A max road legal 250W + battery
BBS01ET + 48V 10AH BAG battery kit and charger £555
BBS01ET + 48V 15AH DP battery kit and charger £735
BBS01ET + 48V 15AH RACK battery kit and charger £765
Hydraulic brake sensors for BBS01B/BBS01ET: £16 per pair.

HL battery: 361mm L x 90mm W x 92mm H.
DP battery: 368mm L x 95mm W x 103mm H
Both are fitted to the downtube, the DP is slighly bigger but you get about 17% more capacity.

Golden rules for installations:
- Cable from motor must exit downwards.
- Do not pull cable ties too tight.
- Make sure the motor connector is inserted all the way to the line.
- Do not use a pressure washer on this kit

Installation time: approximately 2 hours
Please email us a picture of your downtube before ordering. We'll prepare the battery's mounting plate to suit your bike.
See picture.

Bag battery: 36V 15AH range 50 miles

Weight: 2.0kgs
Lock and keys: No. The battery is easily removable. For security, you should run a steel cable through the bag.

The most difficult step is removing the old bottom bracket.

The 8-Fun BBS01B/BBS01ET kit is good for:

  • - hilly terrain
  • - bikes with standard 68mm-73mm bottom bracket
  • - the kit will work with any wheel size: 20" to 29" wheels
  • - straightforward fitting

This kit is not recommended if:

  • - your bike does not have standard bottom bracket (some bottom brackets have long shells, above 73mm, this kit won't fit).
  • - you have a downhill bike (the motor would be slung quite low and may get damaged easily).

Please download and read the user manual before purchasing

and watch this video:
Further reading, settings accessible from the C961 LCD:
For 73mm bottom bracket:
For 73mm bottom bracket, you will need two longer 20mm M6 allen bolts. Let us know when ordering.
See picture.

Important points to check:

  • - is the welding of your bottom bracket too weak to host this kit?
  • - You will lose your front derailleur, is this OK for you?
  • - where are you going to fit the battery?
  • - will the supplied brake levers work with your bike?
    If you have hydraulic brakes, the supplied brake levers are cable operated, so they won't work.
    You will need to order the hydraulic brake sensors.
  • - Will the chainline be the same? The BBS01's chainline is 50mm measured from the middle of the bike seat tube.
This kit is sold with special conditions:
- You agree to get the kit installed by a competent bike mechanic with good knowledge and experience of e-bikes.
- You agree to use the product within the manufacturers specifications (15mph).
- You accept full responsibility for possible dammages to your bike, battery and consequential losses due to the use of the kit.

Limited guarantee:
- Guarantee is void if you connect the kit to an unsuitable or faulty battery.
- The product is guaranteed for 1 year return to base, repair or replace at our discretion.
Below is the list of recommended grease/lubricant used in the Bafang motors at factory:
Bearing grease - Unical Lithium grease No 2.
Plastic gear grease - Unical Aviation Synthetic Grease AG-11.
Metal gear grease (Black)- HCF Lubrications Technology Co Ltd's MG - 2A grease.
Metal gear grease (white) - Unical Polybear Grease BLD 227B.

Frequently asked questions:

Would we need any special tools to fit it other than usual bike tools?
You need a crank puller and bottom bracket tool. If you can remove the bottom bracket then you don't need to buy anything else.
A C-spanner to tighten up the bottom bracket locring is useful, the first M33 lockring needs to be tightened up really well.
You need some space on the handlebars to install the LCD and the thumb throttle.
If you have combined gear shifter and brake levers, or hydraulic brakes, you'll need to buy hydraulic brake sensors.
You may also need a drill, 6.5mm drill bit if you need to install a couple of M5 rivnuts on the downtube to secure the battery cradle.
For more torque on offroad loose muddy inclines can the units controller be increased to 18a with a programming lead?
We don't support any reprogramming. It's outside your warranty.
Can you price match?
No, but we do offer discount in the price of BBS01B + battery.
Can you supply a gear sensor and hydraulic brake sensors?
We can only supply hydraulic brake sensors. The BBS01B we have in stock does not have a socket for the gear sensor.
Kits are not the same as bikes, which are supplied as complete items needing little or no intervention by the customer.
If we cannot fix a kit under warranty to you, we will offer you a refund.
Please note that this will not be a full refund.
It will be based upon the condition and age of the kit, the number of miles it has done and whether any of its component parts are missing. Please refer to our sales terms and conditions for details.
In some cases, faults are caused by the way the kit has been installed or misused (eg derestricted, despite our warnings) rather than by a manufacturing mistake within the kit itself. In those cases, we cannot cover the cost of repairs under warranty.

For full specifications, please read the user manual
Voltage, maximum current drawBBS01B: 36 Volts 15A max 250W
BBS01ET: 48V 14A max 250W
Motor Weight3.7kgs (36V), 3.9kgs (48V)
Max crank speed78 +/- 5 RPM
Chain ring46 Teeth

What is in the kit?
- motor
- crank arms
- brake levers for cable operated brakes.
- thumb throttle.
- 46 teeth chain ring.
- round black plastic chainguard.
- LCD display.

Why choose a chain drive?
A hub motor can only deliver limited torque, fine for flat roads and easy gradient but on steep hills, the motor will slow down, its efficiency and output power will drop rapidly.
A crank drive motor transmits power to the chain which can be adapted to the terrain using gears.
A CD motor can then be kept running at optimal speed all the time, saving battery and provides maximum power.
So if you want to ride hills, a chain drive bike is a must.
A crank drive motor performance chart:

Easy controls
Before riding, press the on/off next
to the trip computer on the left handlebar.
There are 3 level of pedal assist, 1 provides the least
assistance, 3 the highest.
Level 0 is no assistance to pedalling, you can still use the throttle for instant power if you need to.
Press the + and - button to select the desired level.
If you start pedalling, the pedal assist sensor will sense
that and supply about 80% of the energy.
The bike will woosh you along nicely - the motor is very quiet.
Maximum speed is 15mph and computer controlled.

Installation in 6 steps

Download and read the BBS01 Installation Manual
Download and read the King Meter C961 LCD Manual
1) Remove your bottom bracket and front derailleur
2) Insert the motor and install the motor hanger, fasten the bottom bracket.
3) Install the battery.
4) Install the LCD.
5) Connect the waterproof cable and the battery cable.
6) Install the thumb throttle and the brake handles.

48V 15AH DP downtube battery(Panasonic cells) battery kit

Panasonic 21700 5000mAH 2900mAH cells.
High discharge rate BMS
Supplied with 2A charger and fitting kit
If the location of your cage bolts do not fit the slots on the mounting rail, you may need to install one or two M5 rivnuts on the downtube. You don't need any special tool but if you have never done this before,Read this article or watch this video:
Motor marking
Motor specifications and serial number are printed on the underside of the motor.
The first 4 digits are for the year and month of manufacturing followed by the serial number in the batch. In pictures below, 2206286514 means the manufacturing date is 22-Jun-2022

BBS01B 36V:
BBS01ET 48V:

Hydraulic brake sensors:

BBS01 cdkit

BBS01 cdkit: push fit waterproof wiring
Minimal wiring: connect just the battery, LCD (and throttle if you wish)

BBS01 cdkit: wiring diagram

BBS01 cdkit: waterproof connectors

BBS01 cdkit: waterproof connectors

Test bike fitted with the BBS01 CD Kit:
(last year white LCD, this year black LCD, same size)

General look with 36V 15AH HL battery kit:
(Thank you H., your bike looks lovely).

Electra Townie with BBS01B


The BBS01 kit (shown without the LCD, pedals not included)

Make your own hydraulic brake sensors from the supplied levers

Many thanks to Terry Bell for his picture and notes.

The brakes are Hope Mono Minis.
As I remember it, once the magnet and spring have been removed from
the switch, the switch housing is free to be slid over and off the end
of the reed switch.
The reed switch has been covered in a piece of twin core flex sheaf
and glued and zip tied to the lever mounting.
A couple of pieces of the wire have been plugged into the end of the
sheaf to keep the water out.
The magnet has been glued on top of the brass pin that connects the
lever to the hydraulic piston.