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Quality electric bikes. Inspired by you.

Mail orders: 01702 684444

Southend main office: for all mail order sales, demonstrations and pre sales info.
42-46 Queens Road, Southend SS1 1NL.
Open Mon-Fri from 10AM to 5PM, Sat on appointments only.

Bikes to France, Spain or Portugal:

You can now have your new bike delivered to your camping site in Spain or Portugal!
Technical Support:


You save on average 28%*

on the best bikes and get the best direct support.

* because Woosh sell direct, 28% is the average bike shop margin.

Quality components that are not affected by our weather
Any component that is exposed to rain water is made with aluminium: frame, stem, handlebars, rims, brake levers, kickstand, cranks, seat post, rack, wide platform pedals.
All the bolts are made of stainless steel, even crank bolts, the spokes are also made with stainless steel!
Well put together by us on our premises
Your bikes are assembled by our own technicians in Southend-On-Sea.
We pay attention to every detail, make more than 100 checks on each bike and road test each one before packing and dispatch.
Good design and balanced features
We constantly watch the current trends in e-bikes to ensure that you get the very best technology available at the moment.
For example, we only use the best battery cells, the most matured and respected production from Samsung and Panasonic in our batteries.
We only use the very best motors from Bafang and Aikema, best e-bike controllers from Lishui and LCDs from King Meter, the world leading manufacturers.
However, a good product needs more than just good components, they need to be well put together.
We have more than 10 years of experience in e-bike design.
We put that into good use to ensure that your bike does not carry excess weight, that your riding position is most comfortable, your bike will cope safely and at ease with the state of our roads.
Every bike and kit are certified road legal to EN15194
Our bikes and kits are certified conformed to EN15194, the EU standard regulations for electric bikes.
We label our bikes with EN15194 sticker, we label each motor with 250W sticker and each battery with battery care and recycling sticker, and a DG9 fire warning stickers.
We enclose a Certificate of conformity to EN15194 with each bike.
Top tip performance and best in class
Two aspects distinguish our bikes and kits from the crowd:
  • 1. Battery capacity:
    A lot of bikes out there sell on low price. They do that by fitting a low capacity (thus cheap) battery.
    We don't do that. We fit at least 13AH (500WH) or 17AH (630WH) the battery that will make sure that you don't have to worry about running out of battery each time you ride your bike.
    We give also conservative estimate on the achievable range with your battery.
    While many vendors give range estimate based on 5WH per mile, we give our estimate on a more realistic battery consumption of 10WH per mile.
  • 2. Motor torque:
  • Torque is a very important measure of performance and the way it is given is very confusing for non-technical potential customers.
    For crank drive motors, you'll see figures such as 60NM, 80NM, 100NM, 120NM, they are given without telling you which speed such figures were measured.
    As the motor torque increases rapidly when its rotational speed decreases, a 60NM motor at 20RPM is no match for a 40NM motor at 40RPM.
    We give our estimate of torque based on 8mph, something that you can easily relate to when climbing a steep hill.
As most of our customers are 'traditionally built', we fit much better motors and electronics than many other vendors.
For 13st or under, we use the 1.9kg 120mm Aikema 85SX, for 15st or under, we use the 3kg 120mm Shengyi DWG07, for for 17st or under, we use the 4kg 140mm Bafang SWX02, for 25st and under, we use the 4.5kg 160mm Bafang BPM motor.
The larger motors give stronger torque at low speed, more help for you on hills.

Motor videos
motor performance charts
Fully equipped for all weather riding
We equip our bikes so that you can ride the bike minutes after it is out of the box and you don't need to buy anything extra.
Lots of vendors out there supply only the essential bikes, even without pedals to save on headline weight! How do they expect you to use their product without visiting a bike shop?
We equip most of our bikes with:
  • Pedals
  • Chainguard
  • Front and rear lights
  • Bell
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Luggage rack
Woosh maintains contant stock of spares and replacement batteries:
Should you experience any problem with your bike or kit, be re-assured that we will look after you in and out of guarantee.
We do so by keeping all parts that are not usually found in bike shops on our premises: electronic components, kickstands, left and right cranks, correct length chains, sensored hydraulic brakes, chainguards, tyres, suspension forks etc.
We have a network of helpers and collaborate with many local bike shops to assist you whenever you need.
Woosh will keep spares and replacement batteries in stock for each and every model we sell for at least 3 years from the date you buy your bike.
See the price list of our batteries.

Still unconvinced?
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