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If you want to buy a bike from us on the Cycle to work Scheme please contact us before submitting your application.

We work with:

  • Cycleplus
  • Bike2work
  • Salary Exchange
  • Salary Extra
  • Cycle Solutions
  • Green Commute Initiative
  • ...
  • Halfords
  • Salary Share
  • Bikes for Staff
  • Bike Benefits
  • Vivup

Mail orders: 01702 684444

Southend main office: for all mail order sales, demonstrations and pre sales info.
42-46 Queens Road, Southend SS1 1NL.
Open Mon-Fri from 10AM to 5PM, Sat on appointments only.

Bikes to France, Spain or Portugal:

You can now have your new bike delivered to your camping site in Spain or Portugal!
Technical Support:

Cycle to Work Scheme Vouchers

Your employer probably uses an agency to deal with the Cyle to Work scheme in your company rather than dealing with it directly.
They will have put in place a system for you to apply for a Cycle to Work voucher.
Please find out which agency your company uses before contacting us.
We need this information as soon as possible.
If we have not worked with that agency before, it will take us a couple of weeks to set up with them before we can process their vouchers.

How much should you apply for?

You would need to indicate in your application how much the bike will cost. The default amount is £1,000.
Some agencies require a quotation from the bikeshop, that's us, please let us know, we will email you a quotation.

What if the bike costs more than the value of the voucher?

We will invoice you directly for the difference.

Can I use the voucher for kits?


When do I get the bike or kit?

We ship the bike to you as soon as we receive your voucher by Tuffnells or DPD to arrive on the date that we have agreed with you beforehand.

What does it mean commission?

The agency issuing vouchers charge us a commission on their vouchers. Some as little as 5% (Green Commute Initiative), other more, 10%, 15%.
Your £1000 voucher is thus worth between £850-£950 to us.
We have to adjust the quotation accordingly.

If you are the employer:

If you are the employer, we offer a sample contract that you can use to benefit your employees from the Cycle to Work legislation.
The advantage of operating your own self-administered scheme is you maximize the savings for your employees (around 41% for those who pay basic tax rate) and take no time to deploy.
Please contact us if you need a copy.