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We offer end to end technical support for your kits 6 days a week, Mondays to Saturdays. From the moment you first contact us to the moment you complete your installation, we will be with you all the way. Each kit has a flexible battery option to suit your bike's frame. Whichever style your bike has, crossbars, step-thoughs and full-suspensions, we probably have a battery solution.
Compared to other brands, our conversion kits will look tidier on your bikes. We keep the length of cables sensibly shorter to make installation quicker and neater.
Also, all our kits are splashproof. You can ride in the rain, even in heavy downpours.
You won't get all that with the vast majority of other brands.
And best of all, because we sell direct rather than through stores, they come at well below store prices, offering excellent value for money.
We try our best to keep the information as accurate and as up to date as possible. If you find something unclear to you, please get in touch by phone or by emailing
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All our conversion kits feature:

  • Waterproof plug and play connectors
  • Sensibly short cable runs
  • Large range of battery option
  • End to end support

Local help:

We work with local bike shops and helpers who can assist you with any problems you may have on your Woosh bike or kit.
You will need to pay them for their time and also if travelling to you for their transport costs (all very reasonable).

Our technical helpers are in:
Appleby, Cumbria
Asbourne, Derbyshire
Blairgowrie, Perth
Crawley, Sussex
Corby, Northants
Doncaster, S Yorks
Dumfries, Scotland
Durham, Co Durham
Fakenham, Norfolk
Hornsea, East Yorks
Leicester, Leics
Northwich, Cheshire
Ripon, north Yorkshire
Sandwich, east Kent
Sidmouth, Devon
St Austell, Cornwall
Tavistock, Devon
Telford, Shropshire
Tenby, Wales
Whitehaven, Cumbria

Conversion kit fitters:

If you think you can help us build a network of kit builders, we would like very much to hear from you!

Our phone: 01702 684444

Southend main office:
42-46 Queens Road, Southend SS1 1NL.
Open Mon-Fri from 10AM to 5PM.

For general enquiries (eg bike sales, availability, to make a payment, chase a delivery, Cycle to Work) Call 01702 684444.
For more technical enquiries:
Kit sales:
For your initial enquiry, email your questions together with a couple of photos of your bike (or tell us its model) to
Help with a kit or bike you already have:
Please also note that we can only support and sell parts and batteries for Woosh bikes and kits, we are unable to assist with other brands.

Cycle to work vouchers:
We work with: Cycleplus, Bike2work, Salary Exchange, Salary Extra, Cycle Solutions, Halfords, Green Commute Initiative etc..
If you want to use their vouchers, please call.

Hub or crank? Which is best for you?
There are no hard and fast rules. However, it is generally accepted that hub drives are better suited to commuting and crank drives are better for sporty rides.
Crank drive kits are about £60-£80 more expensive because their gearboxes have to work with much higher torque and are much larger.

Torque sensor or cadence sensor? Which is best for you?
There are no hard and fast rules. However, it is generally accepted that torque sensor gives a ride which closely ressembles to having bionic legs. Torque system produces power which is proportional you your pedalling force so tends to make you work harder, extending range.
Cadence system gives you a lot of flexibility with pedalling, you can literally ride your bike without a chain or never have to change gear.
If you have a physical impairment, cadence system is generally preferrable.

Bottom bracket crank drive kits:
A hub motor can only deliver a limited range of torque, fine for easy gradient but on very steep hills, the motor will slow down rapidly. A crank drive motor transmits power to the chain which uses gears to optimise climbing power and battery usage. So if you want to ride hills, a crank drive bike is preferrable.
We offer 3 great crank drive kits: Bafang BBS01B (36V), Bafang BBS01ET (48V) and Tongsheng TSDZ02B (48V).
The BBS01B are fitted with cadence sensor and throttle, available in 36V and higher torque 48V.
Bafang BBS01B CD kits

The TSDZ02B are fitted with torque sensor and throttle, available in 48V.
Tongsheng TSDZ2B CD kits

Geared hub kits Our geared hub kits are compact and well thought out conversion kits for bikes with 20" (folding bikes), 26", 27.5" and 700C wheels with a range of battery capacity. Compared to middle motors: hub motors don't get splashed by surface water, relieve stress and strain on your drivetrain and cheaper to buy. They are perfect for commuting bikes and you can even ride home with a broken chain!

Geared hub kits

Woosh CST kit

Frequently asked questions about electric bike conversion kits

What motors do Woosh electric bike conversion kits have?

We use only motors from the world's best manufacturers: Bafang, Shengyi, MXUS and Tongsheng. They all have excellent track records for best in class.
All motor are street legal 250W and conform to EN15194 standard. You can see the e-bike motor videos here.

Does the motor ever cut out?

For your safety, the motor will cut out when you squeeze the brakes, even just a little.
The motor will also cut out when you go faster than 15 miles per hour.

Will my converted bike sail up hills?

It depends on your weight. The heavier you are, the more slowly you can go uphill on throttle.
With hub motors, you will need to use pedal the assist mode going up most hills.
With crank drive bikes, you can switch gear and get up 10% hills on the throttle alone.
Our conversion kits are NOT suitable for off-roading.

Can I get to the maximum speed on throttle alone?

That depends on the gradient and the motor of your bike. With a crank drive motor or a a big hub motor like the DWG22C, you can easily reach the maximum assist speed (15mph) on flat roads and up to about 5%-7% gradient but not on steeper hills.
For kits with smaller motors like the XF08C and XF07, you can reach the maximum assist speed on flat roads and up to about 5% gradient.

How long does the battery last?

About 5 years.
Batteries degrade slowly over time, it's a case of use it or lose it.

Is it difficult to change gears on hills?

No, it's much easier to change gears on hills with an electric bike than with normal bike.
It helps to throttle up to maximum to help the bike with momentum before you change gears.
With a crank motor like the BBS01B, you need to learn to this maneuver to help with gear change: slightly squeeze one of the two brake levers a second to cut out the motor, change gear and throttle up again, very much like you would do with your car.

How easy is it to pedal without power?

You will lose about 10% of your speed in comparison with riding your same bike before conversion.
All our conversion kits add around 6-8kg to your bike. You can feel a tiny resistance in the motor but it's hardly noticeable.

why can't you be precise about the range?

Because the answer depends so much on terrain, speed, headwind and riders.
On flat roads, you will need between 10 to 12WH (Watt-Hours) per mile, more going uphill, less if you cycle along to help the motor.
For comparison, a pedalling human needs about 14WH per mile on flat roads.
An e-bike with a 36V 10AH battery (360WH) will give you 30-36 miles on flat roads
Again, your range will reduce substantially if you are slowed down by headwinds. Braking will also reduce the range.
People also tend to ride faster when they have a more powerful motor, Krieger, Bali, Big Bear. They also input less.
If you intend to buy a bike for commuting, allow at least 25% leeway for traffic lights in towns and cities.

Do I have to maintain my electric bike?

All our conversion kits are checked mechanically and electrically before despatch.
However, riding will subject it to wear and tear and it will need to be looked after.
The most important maintenance that everyone should be able to do is to clean the bike and keep it dry.
Then grease the mechanical parts in much the same way as you would a regular bike.
The electrical components should not need any maintenance.
You can download our Maintenance Manual here.

How much does a replacement battery cost?

See the section on batteries here.

How much does a replacement motor wheel cost?

Currently, a replacement motor wheel costs around £140 to £170 including free shipping.

Where can I see your conversion kits?

Only at our Southend shop.

I am not a bike mechanic. How can I be sure that your conversion kit is safe for me to ride?

You should ask us to convert your bike for you or recommend a fitter.

What happens if I live miles away and things go wrong?

Just telephone support on 01702 684444.
If it's complicated, we will arrange with a local bike shop or a mobile mechanic where you live to sort out your problem.
If the repair is not covered by our warranty, you'll have to pay for the repair yourself.
Since we do not sell through bike shops most of our customers tend to be practical and able to deal with routine mechanical maintenance or have a friend or family member who will do this for them.
Common tasks include not just keeping the bike clean and dry but also pumping up and replacing tyres and inner tubes, adjusting brakes and gears and dealing with occasional small repairs .
Please see our After Sales Service and support section

What if I bought my Woosh conversion kit secondhand?

Some of Woosh conversion kits are now being purchased second hand.
If you have purchased a Woosh conversion kit second hand and need a part or assistance, please call us.
Your details will then be registered onto our system.
Support (mostly by email) will then be free of charge but parts will of course be chargeable.

How much do you carry in spares?

We carry around 10% of our stocks to insure good servicing and dependability.

Where else can I find e-bike spare parts?

We use Shimano kits (or compatible) for all moving parts.
Virtually all mechanical parts can be found at your local bike shops or online.
Bafang, Tongsheng, Shengyi and MXUS motors and Lithium-ion batteries are widely available in the UK.
Check out the pedelecs forum for useful information.

Where are your conversion kits made?

The parts are made in Shanghai, China. We put them together in the UK.

Do you deliver overseas?

Only to Scottish islands, the Channel islands, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight!
These incur a charge for the crossing, normally paid for by the customer – our delivery up to the port is free.
We regret we are unable to offer a service to Europe at present.

Are your electric conversion kits safe?

Yes, they conform to European EN15194 standards and come with full certification.
Click to download the Certificate of Conformity here.

Can I derestrict your electric conversion kits?

No, it will void your warranty.
Also, if you derestrict your bike, you need to get it registered as an electric moped, attach a number plate, get a free tax disc, have it MOT'd, only ride it on roads (not cycle lanes or paths) and also wear a helmet.
If someone decides to report you for riding a derestricted bike on the roads without it being registered or without insurance and helmet, you will most likely lose your driving licence.

Can my children ride my converted bike?

They need to be 14 years old and over to ride your converted bike on a public path.

Do you supply electric scooters or conversion kits for scooters?

We offer electric bike kits but not electric scooters.
Our main concern is support and warranty for we have no control of what and how other parts are connected to our kits.

I still have questions.

Please follow this link ‘webform’ to submit questions by email or call us on (01702) 684444.
Please also read our sales condition

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