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The Rambletta:
A sporty and yet comfortable foldable bike with front suspension fork or rigid fork and suspension seat post.
A powerful motor and 36V 10.4AH battery.
8-speed gears, light and stiff alloy frame, easy to fold makes this a good choice for camping/caravanning and yet, with big enough range for commuting.

Take a look at the Woosh Rambletta. It's well equipped, lightweight, can take child seat, has a good range and a good price too. Lots of folding bikes don't have low step. If you want to fit a child seat, you can't step through with the child in the seat.
Lots of folding bikes don't have high enough gearing, you would have to pedal like clappers to reach the speed limit. Not many folding bikes have a suspension seat post or an 8-speed cassette. Lots of folding bikes don't come with a full sized chainguard, full sized mudguards, rack, lights, bell and propstand.
Lots of folding bikes don't have a carrying handle to let you lift the bike with one hand. 20kg is a a lot to lift but with a comfortable handle, you can do it.
The Rambletta have those nice little touches to make the bike performant, practical and a pleasure to ride.
WITH RIGID FORK £1,069 including delivery.
WITH SUSPENSION FORK £1,099 including delivery.

The Rambletta is best if:
- You need a high speed comfortable folding bike
- You live in a hilly city

How to buy this bike?
Call us with your card. (01702) 684444
We'll help with any queries before you actually order.

Why choose the Rambletta?
- Fast, comfortable ride
- Can be taken into lifts and trains
- Battery is semi integrated inside frame, attractive design.
- Large 30-35 mile range with its 10.4AH battery
Small riders
The fixed fork model is fine for tall riders and smaller riders.
If you are under 5ft5, you may find that the handlebars of the suspension fork model a tad too high for you.
Please choose fixed fork model with low profile seat post.
Tall riders
The sprung fork model is better for you.
If you are over 6ft, please let us know, we'll fit an extra long seat post for you.
Easy to fold
Push the safety latch upward to unlock the lever.
Pull out the silver lever to unlock the frame.
The Rambletta will fold in halves in seconds.
The stem can be folded down as well.

Easy controls
The Rambletta has throttle control and pedal assist.
To turn on the electrics, press the middle button on the LCD display.
There are 5 level of assistance, 1 provides the least assistance, 5 the highest and also a walk mode.
Press the up and down button to select the desired level.
The 8-speed gear change is by your right thumb.
When you start pedalling, the motor will kick in right away.
If you don't want to pedal, use the throttle (by simply twisting the throttle lever).
Note: legal requirement means that you have to rotate the crank from time to time to keep the throttle active.
The bike will woosh you along nicely.
The bike is also very pleasant to pedal with no power.
Maximum speed is 15mph and computer controlled.

With Revoshift gear shifter for those with arthritis:

Main features

  • delivered 95% built, ride away in minutes
  • top brand proven components
  • supplied with mudguards, lights and bell
  • discreet 10.4AH semi hidden battery — bike doesn't look electric from a distance
  • 20in x 2in tyres for comfortable ride
  • mechanical components widely available
  • 5 levels of assistance, 20″ wheel, stainless spokes, folding frame
  • easy twist throttle
  • LCD display
  • up to 30 miles on single charge, 40 with easy pedalling
  • 20 kgs – light enough to ride with no power

Other features

  • no need for tax, insurance or DVLA registration
  • clean energy, costs less than 0.1p per mile
  • UK and European compliant
  • for riders 14+, 5ft2 to 6ft, up to 17 stone

Semi hidden battery

  • The battery is flush with the frame
  • You can then unlock and remove the battery
  • You can also charge the battery on the bike using the charging socket
  • Spare battery:

    10.4AH, range about 30 miles, Samsung cells, £299 including courier cost.
    12AH, range about 40 miles, Samsung cells, £369 including courier cost.

    User manual:

    Click here to download the Rambletta Manual.


    The Rambletta: battery
  • Maximum speed 15 miles per hour
  • Dual control: pedal assist and thumb throttle
  • range: 30-35 miles on flat roads with throttle control, more with pedal assist
  • 20in wheels, suitable for average riders 5ft2 to 6ft, up to 17 stone
  • Aluminum frame
  • Frame size: 14in / 35.6cm
  • Gears: 8-speed Shimano gears with revoshift or Rapidfire, Shimano cassette 11T-28T
  • Motor: Shengyi motor rated 250W cassette version
  • Brakes: Front disc brakes rear V-brakes
  • Folding pedals
  • Saddle: wide ladies saddle
  • Saddle surface height: 75cm - 105cm
  • Seatpost: 31.6mm diameter, your choice of low profile (for riders 4ft10 to 5ft5) or sprung or extra long (for riders over 6ft)
  • Folded dimensions: 87cm (L) x 70cm (H) x 35cm (W)
  • Full length of the bike unfolded: 160cm
  • Full width of the handle bars from end to end: 67cm
  • Tyres: 20″ by 2″ Kevlar armoured, puncture resistant
  • Battery charger for UK mains
  • Weight (including all accessories): 20kgs
  • Weight of the bike with the battery removed: 17.4kgs
  • Bell. Front and rear lights and reflectors.
  • Guarantee: 1 year parts and labour, excluding consumables
  • Built for city cyclists

    The Rambletta a very capable folding electric bike,
    its long frame, high saddle post, 8-speed gears particularly suit city cyclists who enjoy cycling but also need to occasionally take the bike into the underground.

    Semi hidden battery

    The Rambletta comes with a 36V 10.4AH battery half hidden inside the bike frame and flush with the frame from the outside and thus make the bike look much more like a non-electric.
    If you run on motor alone, you will need between 10WH to 12WH on flat roads, depending on your weight, speed, clothings and headwind.
    If you pedal along, even a little, you will extend the range.
    Going uphill consumes more. The Rambletta has a range of between 30 to 35 miles on a full charge on flat roads.

    Perfect bike to take with you on holiday

    In creating the Rambletta, we are looking for best practical solutions to most common requirements for a good all-round foldable bike that you can take away on holiday with you.
    Comfort, hill climbing, good range, riders weight, riding position, assistance levels, speed limitation and throttle control are all taken care of.
    When folded, the Rambletta can easily be carried in your car, lifts and trains.

    Image gallery - Rambletta

    Rambletta with rigid fork:

    Woosh Rambletta Folding Bike
    Woosh Rambletta Folding Bike
    Woosh Rambletta Folding Bike
    Woosh Rambletta Folding Bike
    Woosh Rambletta Folding Bike

    Rambletta with suspension fork fork:

    Suits 5ft10 or taller riders.

    Woosh Rambletta with suspension fork 2022
    Woosh Rambletta with suspension fork 2022
    Woosh Rambletta with suspension fork 2022
    Woosh Rambletta with suspension fork 2022

    Rambletta throttle:

    Woosh Rambletta throttle

    Rambletta folding pedals:

    Woosh Rambletta folding pedals

    Rambletta folded:

    Dimensions: 87cm L x 70cm H x 35cm W
    Woosh Rambletta folded