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Tel 01702 684444

Support telephone hours are 10AM-5PM Monday to Friday.
Out of hours: please leave a voicemail.

We try our best to cover everything in our manual, but if you find something to do with support and maintenance is not included, or not detailed enough, why not write your own contribution? We would be very grateful, helping us to achieve a comprehensive support service, and other users would certainly benefit.

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Where can I find out more?

If there's anything else you'd like to ask, email us.
You can call us on 01702 684444, or send us an email using this webform.

Click here for details of our 12-month warranty
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sales conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions please call us - we will be happy to assist.

Limited liabilities:

Our liability is limited strictly to repair or replacement of the bike or of the part.
Our terms of sale expressly exclude indirect and consequential loss, injury or hardship as a result of electrical or mechanical breakdown, accident or collision or as the result of a faulty part.

Expectations: please note the following:

i) Electric bikes are heavier than ordinary road bikes. The weights of our bikes including batteries range from 18Kgs to 27Kgs.
ii) Electric bikes need more maintenance than ordinary road bikes: tyres need to be kept pumped, spokes and fixings (nuts, bolts and screws) kept well tightened, chains greased, cranks kept tightened and on some models, motors regreased. Alll procedures must be done on a regular basis. Electric bikes should not be stored outside and the battery must be kept topped up throughout the whole year.
iii) Some assembly may be required on some models upon receipt: installation of the front wheel, pedals and handlebars.
iv) Pedalling will be required . if fitted, the throttle should be considered only as an aid to staritng off and additional assistance when riding uphill.
v) The speed of the bike while under electrical assistance is limited by UK law to 15.5 miles per hour.
vi) If you are heavy, have very steep hills or both the bike may not meet your expectations for hill climbing or long distance riding
vii) The distance achieved from a battery will vary from bike to bike and rider to rider and will be affected by rider weight, riding style, steepness of hills, strong winds and the age of the battery.
viii) The battery will wear down with usage according to the factors in vii) above and its life will vary widely - from one to four years.

Returning a bike for a refund because it is unsuitable:

You can return a bike un-ridden or ridden for a refund within 14 days. The bike must be packaged in exactly the same way as when it arrived and must be returned at your expense and at your risk. Alternatively we can collect the bike for you for a fee, please ask us for a price indication.
If any damage is incurred as a result of poor packing expenses will be deducted from your refund. We therefore advise using a reputable courier with full insurance.
If the bike has been ridden, £100 will be deducted from your refund since the bike can then only be offered for resale second hand.


Within the first year, Woosh Bikes will repair or refund a manufacturing fault free of charge.
A manufacturing fault means that there is an inherent fault (i.e. occurring at the time of manufacture at the factory) either as a result of poor assembly or because of a fault within a component. Examples of this include failure of a battery , electrical wiring or electric motor or breakage of the frame excluding the luggage rack. Woosh Bikes will at its discretion collect the faulty part and send a replacement or collect the complete bike, repair it and return it free of charge. Off shore customers will need to pay an additional fee: please ask for pricing indications.

Costs of returning and receiving back a bike:

For manufacturing faults within the first year: no charge (although off shore customers must pay a fee, please ask for price indications)
Other faults within the first year and manufacturing faults after the first year: return the bike or part to us at your expense and at your risk, or we will collect for a fee. Fees vary from £15 to £75 ( more for off shore customers: please ask for price indications).
To return the bike to you: £35 (more for off shore customers, please ask for price indications).

General sales information

Showroom Sales

If you come to Southend to purchase your bike it can be collected fully assembled.
If coming by car, please call first to check that you will have enough room to accommodate the bike. If coming by train, please note that most rail companies will not charge to carry the bike for you provided that you are travelling outside peak hours. Some companies also offer special carriages where you can sit with your bike.
Our opening times are daily 10 – 5 except Sundays.
Opening times are shorter during January and February – please call first before collection.
Our address is 42 – 46 Queens Road, Southend on sea, Essex, SS1 1 NL
Tel (01702) 684444, Free car parking to the rear or in front (bay space permitting).

Mail order sales

Woosh Bikes Ltd sells its electric bikes by mail order on the basis that replacement parts except consumables or parts that are damaged by the users, are free during the first year and chargeable thereafter. However, labour to complete assembly, repair and service must be done by yourself.

DIY assembly and maintenance:
Our bikes are assembled on our premises then part-disassembled for packing. Please follow the assembly manual for re-installation of the handlebars and pedals and where applicable, a basket. Completion will also include tightening all nuts and bolts and checking the brakes to ensure that the bike will be completely safe.
The whole process generally takes around half an hour and is within the ability of anyone thorough with reasonable DIY skills. A detailed assembly manual and free telephone assistance are supplied.
You will need to maintain the bike yourself, checking the bike regularly as you would do for a standard bike. If a part fails, you will need to call us and a replacement will be sent to you free of charge during the first year or at our standard cost during subsequent years which you will then need to install.
If you are unable to repair the bike, we offer three options: bring it to us, courier it to us or take it to a nearby bike shop. If you want to courier it to us, it will need to be part-disassembled and put back in the original state in which it was delivered and returned in its carton box. If you take it to a bike shop you will need to pay their labour charges.

Shipping for Mail Order Sales

Shipping of large bikes is with Tuffnells Parcel Carriers, shipping of small folding bikes is with Interlink and are free to all areas of the UK mainland except the remote Scottish Highlands (some KW, IV, PA and PH post codes - please ask ).

Northern Ireland, Isles of Scilly , remote Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands and the Isle of Man will incur an additional £25 charge.
Delivery to the Isle of Wight will incur a surcharge of £10.

Delivery is on the working day following despatch except for the Scottish Highlands and off shore which will incur an extra 1 to 2 working days delivery time.


Tuffnells cannot offer a tracking service or timed delivery on our free carrier service.
They cannot call ahead to let you know when the bike will be arriving.
They cannot wait for you if you have 'popped out' for a short while.

For these reasons it is essential that you are able to stay in all day on the day we have agreed for delivery.
If you go out and miss the delivery you will be charged £17.50 for each subsequent delivery.

The bike cannot be left unsigned for.
The bike can be delivered to the entrance on ground floor level only. It cannot be delivered to lower or upper floors or taken down long driveways.

We can offer two guaranteed delivery services with Tuffnells and within the UK mainland only but they are not free:
Before 12 Tuesdays to Fridays: £15
Saturday: £30

Please note that if the courier fail to deliver because of a problem with their system Woosh Bikes cannot be held responsible.
For this reason, we stipulate that you must supply a contact telephone number on which you can be easily called on the day of delivery.
The bike will come delivered in a very large carton and will be awkward to unpack. We therefore highly recommend that this is done by two strong people.


Please note that the carton your Woosh Bike will be delivered in is heavy, and will weigh between 25 and 40 Kgs. It must be handled by at least two people at all times.
Woosh Bikes will not be responsible for any injury or damage sustained through careless handling.

Damage to carton:

You should examine the carton for signs of damage. If there are any (dents or rips), you can either refuse the parcel or sign for it as ‘goods not examined for damage’.
If you find that the bike is damaged inside, we will then be able to claim against the carrier’s insurance.

Retention of carton:

The shipping carton can easily be flattened. We recommend that you retain the carton and store in a dry area.


Your bike is a big investment. We want to make sure you really do want an electric bike and that you have chosen the right one before we send it to you, as returning it is not easy.
If you cannot 'get on' with the bike, please call us. We may be able to suggest ways of improving your ride. If not, then you have 14 days from receipt in which to return it to us.
You must do so in its original carton, to include all wrapping. The bike must of course be fully dismantled and in pristine condition so that we are able to resell it at a slightly reduced price.
You are responsible for its safe return so we recommend using a quality carrier with insurance for the value of the bike. Alternatively, call us and we will arrange to get it collected.
The cost of this service is between £20 for a kit and £45 for a bike and this will be deducted from your refund.
Damage: if your bike arrives back damaged, we will have to make further deductions from your refund to cover the cost of repairs. If you wish, please take photographs before returning ensure you pack it very carefully and take another photograph of the carton to avoid any disputes in the future.

Thank you for reading.