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Tel 01702 684444

Support telephone hours are 10AM-5PM Monday to Friday.
Out of hours: please leave a voicemail.

We try our best to cover everything in our manual, but if you find something to do with support and maintenance is not included, or not detailed enough, why not write your own contribution? We would be very grateful, helping us to achieve a comprehensive support service, and other users would certainly benefit.

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Where can I find out more?

If there's anything else you'd like to ask, email us.
You can call us on 01702 684444, or send us an email using this webform.
Please also read our sales conditions.

The Woosh Electric Bike 12 month Warranty

This warranty covers:

Manufacturing defects causing electrical failure within the first year

Manufacturing defects causing major mechanical failure (frame and handlebars) within the first year

Manufacturing defects causing minor mechanical failure (pedals, spokes etc.) within the first 28 days.

Damage and cosmetic damage (deep gouges, chips, dents and scratches) caused through poor transit to you.

This warranty does not cover:

Accidental damage caused through collision with an object or person or a s a result of dropping the bike or the bike falling over.

Negligence: damage caused as a result of failure to carry out initial and regular safety checks, or failure to maintain the bike or its parts in accordance with the manual, the recommended rider weight being exceeded, or allowing weights heavier than 5Kgs being placed on the rear rack, of allowing people to ride on the rear rack, excessive or constant use of the throttle, riding under the influence of drink or drugs, riding in dusty/sandy environments, riding on very poorly maintained roads, off road, through deep puddles or fords, in snow, or with a trailer, riding carelessly or stunt riding.

Consumable parts after the first 28 days: these include tyres, inner tubes, batteries for lights if applicable, brake pads, bottom brackets, cranks, spokes and pedals. Minor faults on arrival: loose fixings (nuts, bolts, screws,), loose spokes, loose cables deemed resolvable with minimal intervention, Minor cosmetic damage - hairline scratches or barely visible chips, marks or dents.

The warranty period applies to riding within the UK only, is strictly for 12 months and cannot be extended under any circumstances, even if you have ridden the bike very little.

This warranty expressly excludes consequential loss, injury or hardship as a result of electrical or mechanical breakdown, accident or collision or as the result of a faulty part.

Our liability is limited strictly to repair or replacement of the bike or of the part.

This warranty is transferable to a second hand purchaser but our Ts and Cs will apply and their weight should not exceed the limits for the bike.

Transit damage

If your bike appears to have suffered damage during transit to you - for example a chain or mudguard are broken, a wheel is damaged or there are very deep dents or scratches to the paintwork, please call us within one working day of receiving the bike.

Failure to do so may prevent us from claiming compensation form our insurers and thus from making good to you.

Wheel usage: We occasionally short-road-test a bike (300 - 400 metres) before packing.

If your tyres show usage it is because of this. Please be assured that we never sell second hand bikes as new.

Using your Woosh electric bike abroad

Please note that whilst you are allowed to use your throttle in the UK, its use is illegal in Europe.

We highly recommend that you use the red switch to deactivate it when riding abroad.

Breakdowns abroad:

for obvious reasons, we are only able to cover the costs of servicing within the UK. Recovery of a bike within the UK, repairing it and returning it back costs us 45, some of which is borne by customers sometimes and some by us sometimes. See the previous page for details.

If your bike breaks down abroad within the first 28 days of purchase and you wish us to retrieve it, repair it and return it, we will cover the first 45 of our costs but no more.

If you wish us to send parts to a local electric bike shop or to you we will cover the first 45 of labour charges and the cost of sending the parts but no more.

If your bike has been purchased more than 28 days previously we will cover the first 15 and no more.

Fewer than 2% of our bikes are actually returned for servicing under warranty so a breakdown is unlikely but you should be aware of this.

Insurance and break down cover:

Whether from us or any other supplier, electric bikes get stolen and break down. If you are going to be very highly dependant upon your bike because you are a commuter or have a health problem which would prevent you from riding the bike without power, we warmly recommend you take out roadside rescue.

This is available from Cycleguard from 18 per year, and they also offer insurance. Visit their website: or call them on 0844 826 2297

After Sales
Lots of people say: 'We live 300 miles away. What happens if we buy a bike from you by mail order and it goes wrong?'
Firstly, problems are rare. Two types of problem can happen.
The first are exactly the same mechanical problems that would occur on a standard bike: punctures, broken spokes, broken brake cables.
Many of our customers are 'good with bikes' or have a friendly relative or neighbour able to deal with these things.
We are happy to liaise with them and send out a part if needed.
If you've always gone to a bike shop to get these things done, however, there's no reason why you couldn't do the same with an electric bike.
The second type of problem is to do with electrics.
The throttle or pedal assist could stop working, the motor cut out or there is suddenly no power at all. Fear not!
Many electrical repairs are surprisingly straight forward.
Electrical breakdowns are far less common than mechanical ones.
And if an electrical fault can't be resolved, we will collect your bike, repair it and return it to you, all within 3 days.
We normally respond to email queries within an hour or two on weekdays.