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SALES: Tel 01702 435566

Support telephone hours are 10AM-5PM Monday to Friday.
Out of hours: please leave a voicemail.

We try our best to cover everything in our manual,
but if you find something to do with support and
maintenance is not included, or not detailed enough,
why not write your own contribution? We would be very
grateful, helping us to achieve a comprehensive support
service, and other users would certainly benefit.

To submit something simply email it to

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After Sales
Lots of people say: 'We live 300 miles away. What happens if we buy a bike from you by mail order and it goes wrong?'
Firstly, problems are rare. Two types of problem can happen.
The first are exactly the same mechanical problems that would occur on a standard bike: punctures, broken spokes, broken brake cables.
Many of our customers are 'good with bikes' or have a friendly relative or neighbour able to deal with these things.
We are happy to liaise with them and send out a part if needed.
If you've always gone to a bike shop to get these things done, however, there's no reason why you couldn't do the same with an electric bike.
The second type of problem is to do with electrics.
The throttle or pedal assist could stop working, the motor cut out or there is suddenly no power at all. Fear not!
Many electrical repairs are surprisingly straight forward.
Electrical breakdowns are far less common than mechanical ones.
And if an electrical fault can't be resolved, we will collect your bike, repair it and return it to you, all within 3 days.
We normally respond to email queries within an hour or two on weekdays.


Where can I find out more?
If there's anything else you'd like to ask, drop us a line. You can call us on 01702 435566, or send us an email using this webform.
Please also read our sales conditions.